Monday, March 05, 2007

Dancing the Weekend Away

I am spent and blessed and spiritually full. What a huge weekend I had, dancing with God the entire time.

First there was the two day Disciple Women's Convocation. What a banquet of blessings we received. We had music that wouldn't let us sit still, speakers who brought us from laughter to tears and back again, young women whose Step routines brought tears of joy, seminars that taught, touched and healed . . . we truly did live our theme - Dancing to the Rhythms of Grace!

RevGal Katherine did a fine job with what she called her "speech sermon thing" during our Saturday evening worship. And the many opportunities for prayer during the Sunday morning service brought special blessings to my heart. Women could light a candle, write a prayer, or have a clergywoman pray with them and anoint them. I was blessed to be one of those clergywomen and I haven't come down yet!

From there I came home to get The Husband and then to an ordination. I am taking a class in Spanish for Ministers, and our teacher was being ordained in the United Church of Christ. I'd never been to a UCC ordination, but everything in the order of service was quite familiar. The service was in Spanish and English, again the music was uplifting and made me use my whole body. The laying on of hands was, as always, an experience direct from the Spirit. Why is it that is so difficult to describe?

And one of my classmates said "I'm part of RevGalsBlogPals and I just figured out who you are!" How cool is that? :-)

So now it's Monday morning and I just want to keep this feeling going. I sure don't want to go in to the office and deal with the administrative stuff. Ah well, I feel so good that even paperwork will be a blessing today.


Songbird said...

I'm so glad you had a great time!

Lorna said...

loved reading this