Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Comment Moderation Enabled

I know. I hate leaving comments on blogs just to told that it wouldn't show up until someone has decided whether or not my comment is appropriate. I was sure I would never subject my readers to such a thing.

After all, the people who read this blog are probably alot like me, and why wouldn't everyone approve of my comments? I spend time over them, worrying that each word is properly placed, that it says what I want it to say. There is always a chance that I will be misunderstood, but I make every effort to be polite and tactful, especially if I disagree with what is being said either in the blog itself or in one of the comments.

And yet - I have enabled Comment Moderation. Not because I found comments that I didn't agree with. Rather, because I found comments that were pornographic in nature. I know my dearly loved regular readers would never do such a thing, but I'd rather you weren't exposed to them either.

And so, when you leave a comment from now on I will get an email asking me to approve it. :-(
Sorry, my friends.

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