Monday, December 22, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I can't believe I haven't posted anything on this blog since August! Maybe it's because I stay so busy keeping the church website up to date, posting my sermons and adding new photos constantly. And maybe it's because I just have so much else to do that personal writing keeps taking a backseat. I'm not even showing up at RevGalBlogPals as often as I used to, not even on Saturdays for the 11th hour preacher party!

I would blame it on Christmas busy-ness, except I definitely wasn't working on Christmas stuff way back in August. And yet, here I am, wondering where I've been all these months. Oh, yeah, I've been starting a new congregation at my church - a recovery oriented congregation meeting on Saturdays. That is what's been taking up so much of my time. Silly me. And here I thought I wasn't spending much time with the new congregation.

I've made new friends in this new journey - transgendered folks and lots of people involved in the Anti-Prop 8 movement here in California. My new friends aren't coming to the new church as they are all already involved with one congregation or another, but they are encouraging me and helping me to know that nothing is impossible with God.

Time to get ready for this afternoon's Bible study. I hereby make a promise to myself and anyone who's been looking for me: I will at least cross-post my sermons, and try to post here at least once a week.

Blessings on all in this Christmas Season.

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