Saturday, September 01, 2007

A time for grief, a time for joy

It has been a horrific week. Last Saturday morning a long-time member of the congregation died unexpectedly. Sunday morning another - a woman in her 70s who was just baptized last Easter. Monday after spending time with both grieving families I had to take my beloved bunny, the Reverend Samuel T Rabbit, to the vet where he was eased out of this life. Tuesday I could barely function.

What I faced Tuesday morning was what was already going to be an unusually busy week. I had to finish writing a grant for our preschool which was due on Friday and I had to prepare the monthly newsletter so our members could receive the paper version by September 1st. Luckily the web version is easy to do once all the writing is completed. Then there was the usual bulletin preparation and general office stuff. And on top of these, planning a funeral and doing my own grieving while working with the two bereaved families.

I cried out in despair as the psalmist did, first to God, then to friends. I shared my grief, my anger, my concern that I wouldn't be able to do what I had to do. I received consolation and strength, the assurance that God was walking alongside of me. I cried and worked, and cried some more.

Tuesday afternoon I received a phone call from a friend, who had a bunny she wanted to give me. I agreed to see how Mr. Whiskers and I would get along. Tuesday and Wednesday my friends surrounded me in person and virtually, and prayed with me. By Thursday all the work I had to complete was finished and I was able to go to the church to truly celebrate the life of one who has gone home.

I feel good - able to sing praise songs in the morning as I used to do. The grief over two humans and one bunny is still there, but no longer paralyzing. Mr. Whiskers and I are getting along well - he's a glutton for being petted, and has started looking excited when I come out in the morning, and coming over to nuzzle my face. He's not my Sammy, but he's really helped me get through the pain of loss.

Thank God for friends and prayers and bunny rabbits.



earthchick said...

Wow, that is some week you had. Oof, glad you made it through, and hugs for you as you continue to grieve.

And welcome, Mr. Whiskers!

KristaBeth said...

Many blessing to you as you grieve the loss of Sammy. I too lost my beloved bunny, Raisin. It happened several years ago just as I was starting at my first church. I still miss him.

Mr. Whiskers is adorable. Hopefully bunny-snuggles have helped ease you through this week. No one without experience could know just how blessed it is to snuggle with a bunny!

Sue said...

Oh my. What a week you had. I'm so very sorry about Sammy.

I pray that you will have some time this coming week to re-group and get to know Mr. Whiskers.

rev maria said...

Mr. Whiskers really has been a blessing ths week. I'll have to set him up with his own blogger account so he can talk to some of the RevGal kitties.

revabi said...

Hey, I hope Mr. Whiskers and you do well. I am so sorry for you losses. I am glad you had friends to surround you. We surround you too with love and prayers.

Sally said...

what a week, Mr Whiskers is cute!!!
Love and prayers.

Songbird said...

(((rev maria)))
Welcome to Mr. Whiskers!

1-4 Grace said...

Rev. Maria,
So sorry about Samuel. Please know of contiued prayers, hugs and lvoe sent your way!
Also, sorry for your other losses this week. it is hard to be the pastor when you feel the loss so much too.
And a big welcome to Mr. Whiskers.
What a cutie!
Do set him up an acocutn. Meelch would love to coorespond.

1-4 Grace said...

Opps. That should be account and Melech would love to.
I still miss my dog, Buddy and my sweet ginger cat, Rufus and Zilla the Frog.
Animals are so wonderful to have.
Mel ahs a wonderful way of knowign when I have a migraine and will lay by me and let me rest.
Hope this week will brign some new blessigns your way.