Saturday, June 09, 2007

Website Woes

I have a new MacBook and new software! Yay! This morning I spent hours designing a website on iWeb with a welcome page and other pages for photos and sermons. Then I hit "Publish" and ran into all kinds of problems. I knew it was going too easily! :-)

I think the problem stems from having upgraded from Trial Version of the .Mac software to Full Version - silly computer seems to think I have 2 different user names or something and it's trying to publish using the wrong one. Anyway, I've contacted Apple for help and am waiting as patiently as possible for a response.

Patience is not one of my more obvious virtues. I'm just going to keep telling myself that the website is up and ready to go as soon as the software is properly explained to me. After all, I've been trying to get someone, anyone, to design a website for our church for 4 years and now I have one. I can surely wait a few more days to see it online.

Plus, now I can spend more time working out how to get the newsletter on it. Since the newsletter is composed and laid out on 2 different computers (my secretary does half and I do half) I think scanning will work best. AND my new MacBook came with an HP printer/copier/scanner so I have all the tools I could possibly ask for.

Maybe I'll go buy a digital camera so I have something else to fuss with. Tomorrow is going to be a big day at chuch saying Aloha to our Associate. Just thinking of all the great photos I can publish on the website to share with all our members and friends around the country (world!) is really exciting! :-)

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Songbird said...

We just went through frustration about a non-transferable domain name, the only thing causing us trouble in getting our site up. There are so many factors! No wonder it gets complicated.