Friday, December 01, 2006

Advent Friday Five

Here are five questions about Advent for this first of December:
1) Do you observe Advent in your church?
Yes A different couple or family group comes forward at the beginning of each Sunday in Advent to read a meditation on the Candle of the Day, light the Advent candle(s), and sing the appropriate verse to "One Candle Is Lit."

And we sing Advent hymns (much to the dismay of the congregation who really think we should be singing Christmas Carols beginning on Thanksgiving!)

2) How about at home?
Growing up we always had an Advent calendar but I haven't done that in years.

3) Do you have a favorite Advent text or hymn?
O Come O Come Emmanuel

4) Why is one of the candles in the Advent wreath pink? (You may tell the truth, but I'll like your answer better if it's funny.)
That's one of those "how did this tradition begin" questions, isn't it? I think it's because the store only had 3 purple candles one year so the worship committee had to buy a pink one. Ever since then it has traditional to use 3 purple candles and one pink one.

Last year my worship committee couldn't find blue, purple or pink and came back with 4 green pillar candles for our home-made advent wreath! Acckk!

5) What's the funniest/kitschiest Advent calendar you've ever seen?
I saw a Charley Brown one once - I think it was the same year "The Gospel According to Peanuts" was published. :-)


Songbird said...

Charlie Brown would be cute!

hipchickmamma said...

your explanation for the pink candle is great! totally plausible!

chartreuseova said...

A Charlie Brown Advent calendar might work nicely with our Peanuts Christmas tree ornaments...

Teri said...

this week all the purple candles arrived (we do 4 purples), but no white candle!!! We had to go out looking for it. It was a while before we found one, and even then it was scented. oy.

Kievas said...

OK, now I have to find this Gospel According to Peanuts of which you speak :)

Anonymous said...

Charles Schultz was a rather astute theologian!

Magdalene6127 said...

I think the "let's sing Christmas Carols from Thanksgiving" phenomenon is well-documented pretty much everywhere!

Well-played; blessings to you this season.


Sally said...

yes the advent wreath mystery revealed at last!

1-4 Grace said...

Sounds like a worship committee I know. Charlie Brown is the greatest. :)
Melech blogged today, so drop by when you can.