Friday, November 17, 2006

My Gratitude List

What a great Friday Five! Every day I pray a gratitude list, which sometimes includes things like "Thank you God for letting me catch this cold so I have to slow down and rest!" Sometimes it's a long list, sometimes short - but here is my list of the five things or people I am most thankful for this year -not necessarily in order of importance. I want you all to know it was not easy to stop at 5!

The Husband. Although he often makes me crazy, being a male creature, I give thanks daily for his constant love and support in my ministry. He spends nearly as much time working at the church as I do and is nearly always cooperative when I must be left alone. Without him I would long ago have made myself crazy.

Women friends outside my congregation who help me stay on track, remind me to care for myself, and call me on obessive and/or selfcentered behavior. It is really good to have a group of friends with whom I don't always have to be "a minister" - I can just be Maria, in all my unspiritual glory.

My congregation, who demonstrate their love for me all the time, even and especially when we are busy disagreeing on whatever. Right now I am especially grateful for their lifting me up during worship on the 5th Sunday of October and presenting The Husband and me with $500 to show their appreciation for the work we do for the church. :-)

Revgals! It has been so affirming to participate in the 11th Hour Preacher party, and to "speak" with other women who deal with so many of the same issues I do. Thanks to all of you!

God, who helped me find all of these people and gave me the wisdom to appreciate them


Sally said...

yeah, you've gotta love those maddening male creatures! Good play

Songbird said...

We're glad to have you among the 11th hour preachers, too!