Saturday, February 09, 2008

Too Busy To Blog?

I know - what's that about? It's just the way life has been lately. I seem to be busy every second of the day. Lots of that time is spent writing, but not here. There's my personal stuff - a journal and scribbles for that book everyone seems to be busy writing. And then there's work stuff - worship bulletin, the newsletter, the church website, sermons and prayers. When I add all the admin work at church, personal meetings and appointments, and whatever chores I manage to take care of at home, there just doesn't seem to be any time left to spend here.

I seem to think of blogging as an extra - something I do when everything else is done but only if I have any creative thoughts left. There are so many things I could be sharing.

Like - Tuesday this week was Super Tuesday in our presidential campaign. Delhaven was a polling place and when I got there at 5:40 am to open up for the poll workers I really expected "the usual suspects" to show up. You know - the elderly ladies who are always there to help people cast their ballots. Much to my surprise and delight, the first volunteer to show up was a 17 year old high school senior. She isn't even old enough to vote, but she felt passionately enough about the election process to spend a 15 hour day volunteering! I thought she was an aberration until the 2nd volunteer walked in - an 18 year old college freshman!

Arriving home I emailed a lot of friends to let them know and all day I got responses from folks who had found the same difference in poll volunteers when they went to vote! This gives me so much hope for the future, after a couple of decades or so of young folks who didn't seem to have much interest in getting involved in the issues of the day.

Perhaps I should commit to putting those random observations and thoughts down here. Not daily, but whenever I am tempted to jot down random notes to use in future sermons and newsletter Pastor Pages. It's an idea - and blogging would be incorporated into what I already do instead of added on at the end. Hmm - maybe I'm not too busy to blog after all.