Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Resolutions Friday Five

Well it had to be didn't it, love them or hate them I bet you've been asked about New Year resolutions. So with no more fuss here is this weeks Friday Five;

1. Do you make New Year resolutions?
No. I make resolutions just for today. I can commit to doing a good thing for one day, not so sure about committing to anything for a whole year. Of course, the object of daily commitments is to remember to commit to the whatever every day.

2. Is this something you take seriously, or is it a bit of fun?
I'm really serious about making daily commitments.

3. Share one goal for 2008.
Firing up the congregation to start a recovery worship service

4. Money is no barrier, share one wild/ impossible dream for 2008
Buy a house in So Cal on a minister's salary. Almost did it this year, but financial reality got in the way. :-)

5. Someone wants to publish a story of your year in 2008, what will the title of that book be?
Change is Good